Saturday, September 22, 2012

My First Home Made sketch book

I like to sketch or jot down what ever it is that cross my mind. I tried recording things using my cellphone camera but the impact is not the same. So, despite the rise of all these wonderful gadgets, I still love to sketch.

The 'Black Book' where I record all my thoughts
And I love doing it on a blank piece of paper. I cease to use lined papers since 1994 when I was in secondary school. Back then, the school I was in encouraged us to become creative with our note books. So I wrote my notes on pieces of papers and at the end of a semester, I'd compile them all into a scrap book.

The content of the 'diary'
After SPM and during my university days, I was 'too busy' to sketch or write or even keep tabs on my life. So I decided to start writing on a diary. But the diary that I had in mind was really a sketch book. So I went looking for the kind of sketchbook that fit my requirements. But they were either too big (like a drawing block) or too small (like a notepad). So I held back that 'diary' idea until in 2001, I found one that fit my strict sketch-book criteria in Popular Book store at Terminal One, Seremban. I bought a few. I scribble on it daily and revise everything every Friday.

Whenever I got a boring day
The last one I had ran out of pages back in 2004. When I went back to the store, that type of sketchbook was not available. I searched all around Seremban, KL and where ever country I visited when I'm on my business trips. It's always the size issue or the cover design issue. They just don't make that kind of black sketchbooks anymore, I guess.

The habit however, had evolved into blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter) and I start pouring everything on these two platforms. But again, I feel something is missing and during the process of figuring out about the BookMaggotz projects, I came upon cool videos on how to make our own sketchbook. Watched a few, get a rough idea of how thing work and decided to give it a try just now. 

It's not much but hei, at least I got my sketchbook... Kau hado? Hahaha. Try it!


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    1. Thanks, Izzah. And we want to create HOT people thru BookMaggotz :)

  2. woahh impressive really!

  3. nice bro. btw, theres a shop,at upper level sunway pyramid (section called as asian avenue) they do provide sketchbooks yg comel2,awesome and literally lain dari yg ada dekat typical market:)