Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Going to the book store

You walked into a book-store.
Went through the "New Arrivals" aisle.
See if there's any familiar names.
Or anything interesting.

You proceed to your favourite section.
The books on the shelves look the same like you checked it last week.
Even the one you purposely turned upside down hasn't been corrected by the store keeper. You corrected the book back. You took a long sigh. You proceed to the next section.

...and the next.

...and the next.

..until you came back where you started: at the New Arrivals aisle.

Going to the book-stores just don't excite you as much any more. You start to question your choice as a hobby. Suddenly it appeared to you that reading and books are your close friends since forever. And the thought of finding a new hobby irked you. You knew there's nothing wrong with your hobby. It's just that they don't sell the books you like no more.

That, is where BookMaggotz comes in.

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