Tuesday, December 18, 2012



I need help.


Please share this message so more people will understand more about this, than me.
I don't know how to say this but I will try my best, using all the knowledge bestowed upon me me, so far. Better yet, and like all typical 'message from the aliens' or apocalyptic warnings, I will say it again:
(before the systems and connections go down in the floods)

It is worthy to mention that I should pause since it's #Azan Asar right now. It's 1641 by my watch, 18th Dec 2012.

"I am a human that make mistakes whenever my intentions are unrighteous. And unrighteousness is illogical. Unacceptable"

Have you ever wondered WHO YOU ARE? People can tell you what they see but, is that who you REALLY is? People tell you to meditate, to read books, to go to talks, to congregate and for a while, you THOUGHT you found yourself. "Righteousness is justice. Purity. Nature. Truth. Blablabla" And here we are, in the time of agendas and deceptions.

Have you ever pondered at how easy it is to dissolve your fear, greed, hate and jealousy that you faced, once you know that the cause is YOU? Nobody can convince you to change except yourself. And those who you put your belief in them. And NATURE.
Each of us were made according to our nature. So does the angels, earth, time. To understand GOD is to understand nature. Human NATURALLY FORGETS. We can keep things in our mind but mind can play tricks on us.

So to help remind ourselves, we write things on paper. We take notes. And we keep them. Then we reread and write new stuffs. So to cut the story short, I STRONGLY encourage you to write about yourself in a book. Start with your keturunan. Salasilah. The important things is to put yourself on a piece of paper. You can write, draw, paste, whatever. As long as it's meaningful to you and talks about you. As you write about yourself, you will start to see who you are. Put as much detail as you could. And WHY would you wanna lie? Who are you lying to?

For those who already have a diary, please reread your shit and write a new one today. Conclude it all into simplicity.
And write at the beginning of your book: "WRITE, READ, and LEARN by (whatever you call yourself)".
Write at the end of the book: " I will see what I want to see. An answer will come, once there is a question".

Keep adding to that book. And you know what?
You just made yourself a handbook of YOU. 
Keep this book, along with Al-Quran and Sirah Nabi, along with Asmaul Husna and Sifat 20, n those you find useful.  And whenever you feel lost, confused, lonely or whatever, read (IQRA') these books, starting with the one you believe the most.

So there you have it. Don't waste time. Find yourself a good pen, a piece of paper, and WRITE!

"Wise men keep knowledge in form of books in their houses. But the best books, are the ones that tells you about yourself."


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