About BookMaggotz

You got unwanted books? 
Unused books? 
Books you want to keep forever? 
Donate them to us! 

These books will be categorized into Reusable, Cool, or Gone.

The Reusable will be up for Redistribution, Relive projects and Trade.

The Cool books will be glorified. Special treatment and tributes will be given to them
based on why they should be categorized as Cool. 

The Gone books will be up for Recompilation, Relive, or ARTz projects, done by fellow #bookmaggotz. Those really bad ones will be recycled and given new life as #bookmaggotzProducts. Proceeds from these products will be used to fund #bookmaggotz activities and for charities.

This is an independent project, aimed to those in the book-community/industry (especially KIDS), doing charity for the community and the under-privileged

The objective of the project is to create a community in Malaysia, who are into books and to learn, share and educate each other about the quickly extinct piece of human civilization, and to use books and knowledge as a way to give back to the world.


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